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What is Ministra?

Software for managing IPTV/OTT/VoD projects. Ministra TV platform is an attentive assistant for your media service

Main Features:

Administration of provided service

Edit the list of TV-channels, combine them into thematic and subscription packages, integrate with EPG and TimeShift function. Customize on-demand Video Club, Audio Club, and Radio services.

Subscriber list administration

Create convenient subscription plans and customize the UI for your service. Provide subscribers with the opportunity to use additional services, and allow them to connect their favorite gadgets to your service.


Use built-in statistical tools to find out what content is most popular among your users. Publish your content on a planned schedule. Manage broadcasting zones and video storage.

Monetization models

Maximize your advertising revenue, reduce your subscription costs, or fully implement the Advertising Video-on-Demand model. Earn by using the multi-screen applications for Smart TVs and media players.

Who needs Ministra?

  • Ministra Back Office

The administrative portal for managing subscriber accounts, service packages, content, and infrastructure.

  • Ministra Player

An application for viewing content on set-top boxes, Smart TVs, mobile phones, and tablets.