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The most intuitive, easiest and fastest way to manage and monitoring your Ministra server no matter where you are.

Before configuring the app:

Add this lines to your /var/www/stalker_portal/server/custom.ini file on your server:

enable_api = true
enable_api_v2 = true
api_auth_login = username
api_auth_password = password

Replace username and password for your own.

The first time you open the app it won’t have any information available. You gonna need to configure it before you can start using it.

Click on Settings to start configuring the app.

Ministra site url:

This is your Ministra API url. Example: http://yourserver:port


The same username you set in custom.ini


The same password you set in custom.ini

You can add as many servers as you want

Once Ministra Monitor is connected you will be able to see and manage your server information:

  • Check Total, Online and Offline users
  • Check users information
  • Add new users
  • Edit and delete users
  • Send message to any Mag
  • Reboot any Mag
  • Update any Mag channel list
  • Play any channel in any Mag
  • And more…