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The most intuitive, easiest and fastest way to manage and monitoring your Flussonic server no matter where you are.

Flussonic Monitor

Flussonic Monitor

Flussonic Monitor

Flussonic Monitor

Flussonic Monitor

Flussonic Monitor

The first time you open the app it won’t have any information available. You gonna need to configure it before you can start using it.

Click on Settings to start configuring the app.

Flussonic site url:

This is your flussonic API url. Example: http://yourserver:port


The same username you use for Flussonic


The same password you use for Flussonic

Notify on offlime stream detected:

Turn on this option if you want to receive a notification when you have any stream down. You can set the interval time to check.

Once Flussonic Monitor is connected you will be able to see and manage your server information:

  • Server name
  • Flussonic Version
  • Running time
  • Total streams
  • Online streams
  • Offline streams
  • Opened files

Click on any category to see the list of streams and manage them.

Click on any stream name to see more details and manage it.

Some of the actions you can perform by stream are:

  • Stream full information
  • Connections to the stream
  • DVR enable / disable
  • Restart stream
  • Delete stream